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An ailing lawn on a slope and hard clay before and after being treated with AXIS...  dramatic results in only twenty-three days.
AXIS is scientifically proven to improve soil properties for lawns, flower and shrubbery beds, urban trees, rooftop gardens, interior landscaping... anywhere an optimum growing medium is needed. This superior product: Increases available plant water Improves drainage Resists compaction Balances O2 and H20 in soil Increases infiltration Buffers soil temperatures AXIS increases air and water capacities. It reduces compaction, firms up soggy soils, loosens hard-to-work soils, provides better drainage, increases infiltration rates, improves the retention of ground water and lowers water requirements by up to 3o%, thus saving you water and dollars, while enjoying lusher vegetation. AXIS is industry tested and proven to improve soil structure, which helps to increase the root mass of all vegetation. It is the essential amendment product for healthier plants indoors and out, and is long-lasting for healthy and strong lawns, golf courses, amateur and professional sport fields... wherever healthy vegetation is desired or needed.  
Diatom magnified 3000X
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AXIS is a superior soil amendment, made from naturally occurring diatomaceous earth. Nature designed this tiny organism for efficient movement of water and air. Like a microscopic hard sponge, the diatom is 82% porous and is the key to adding permanent porosity to your soil.
Experts agree that AXIS is a highly effective soil amendment.
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AXIS Makes Pro Quality Sports Fields “I had twelve solid weeks of NFL players practicing on my fields, with not one bare spot at the end of the season.  Why would anybody, in their right mind, choose anything other than AXIS in their root zone mix... it's a no brainer.“  --Spin Martin
World Cup-Quality Soccer Fields The J-Village World Cup Soccer Training facility in Japan is composed of 11 soccer fields. Each was constructed with AXIS. Prior to construction, AXIS was chosen as the most efficient and cost effective amendment. The result is one of the world's largest single applications of inorganic soil amendments.
Spin Martin says more about AXIS
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