Additional Uses

Increased Survival Rates from 25% to 70%-90% - 

WYDOT & US Forest Service (5 Sites)

Roadside plants are often challenged by steep grades, cut slopes, poor soil quality and a lack of irrigation. AxisDE alleviates these concerns by reducing compaction, and by delivering much more water holding capacity, available water and drought relief than any other type of amendment. AxisDE provides perfect conditions for root development and water uptake, a more homogenous blend of air and moisture, and turns regular soil into a thriving medium for any plant’s permanent homestead.

AxisDE is incredibly versatile for all kinds of applications from roadside plantings to potting soil, indoor gardening, bonsai plants and more. Potting mixes with axisDE maximize plant potential, and develop extensive root systems for early re-potting. Natural diatomaceous earth powder mixed into potting soil is exceptional for insect control as it mechanically abrades and desiccates insect bodies. DE powder sprinkled on flower beds works great for pests; while DE powder as a seed coating clings to smooth seeds, and speeds up germination rates with more water holding.

Bonsai growers identify with AxisDE’s balance of water holding, drainage, and moisture uniformity through planters, and allows water to penetrate well and reduces sensitivity of how much to water and when. Plants roots re-establish nicely when replanting with AxisDE. Indoor gardening enthusiasts enjoy easier water management, vigorous plant growth, and increased harvests due to better soil function, more pore space, and gigantic root systems that take up more water and nutrients.

Application Rates

Potting Soil - AxisDE - 10% by Volume, DE Powder - 2-3% by Volume
Flower Beds - DE Powder - Thin Barrier Line
Roadside Planting - AxisDE - 15% by Volume
Indoor Gardening - AxisDE - 10-15% by Volume
Bonsai Plants - AxisDE - 10-15% by Volume