Aerate, Amend And Topdress... then play in only one hour on a smooth surface!Using only one operator, the DryJect can be used often enough to quickly modify your soils. You can easily inject from 50 to over 150 pounds of AXIS per thousand square feet, ensuring greater infiltration, reducing compaction, and creating a better air and water balance, while increasing available water.Golf courses and country clubs find that the DryJect works amazingly well, and greens are playable immediately. There is minimal surface disruption, and much quicker heal time, play resumes quickly after aeration, thus improving your revenue opportunities.Unlike traditional aeration, where optimum coring occurs only at an ideal soil moisture, this equipment is unaffected by inclement weather.

“DryJect: Aeration for the 21st Century!” Turf managers at some of the most prestigious golf courses and sports fields in the nation have already discovered the DryJect® difference. In fact, 10 of the top 15 golf courses from Golf Digest’s 2006 Top 100 courses* use DryJect®. And EnviroTech kicks it up a notch. They make your turf even better by injecting soil enriching AXIS as DryJect aerates. Click here to view a chart of how The DryJect aeration system works, making it the best in the world today. DryJect aerifies and modifies your soil better than traditional aeration methods.DryJect is the only aeration system in the world that injects high volumes of dry materiall, thus it can aerate and infuse dry soil amendments into your soil in one simple step... saving you valuable time, effort and dollars.