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Diatom magnified 3000X
AXIS is a superior soil amendment, made from naturally occurring diatomaceous earth.
AXIS increases air and water capacities.
Nature designed this tiny organisim for efficient movement of water and air. Like a microscopic hard spong, the diatom is 82% porous and is the key to adding permanent porosity to your soil.
More About AXIS...
__________________________________________________________________________ older What is AXIS? AXIS is a superior soil amendment, made from naturally occurring diatomaceous earth. Incorporated into the soil, AXIS increases air and water capacities. AXIS reduces compaction, firms up soggy soils, loosens hard to work soils, provides better drainage, increases infiltration rates, increases plant available water, and aids in nutrient transfer — resulting in dramatically improved root growth and improved microbial activity. Calcined for extreme durability - AXIS is kiln-fired at extremely high temperatures, around 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, to create a hard, durable, yet highly porous particle. AXIS is stable under temperature extremes and all kinds of moisture conditions. University research shows AXIS behaves like sand when subjected to repeated freeze and thaw cycles. Chemically inert, AXIS will not interfere with soil chemistry. - Return to top ______________________________________________________ How It Works AXIS helps balance air and water in soil - University research shows the natural porosity of AXIS gives you more latitude in turf management during drought and extremely wet conditions. AXIS helps modify both moisture extremes in the soil because of its unique honeycomb structure, and increases oxygen levels for healthy root development. Helps flush salts from soil - Adding continuous soil porosity with AXIS improves overall water movement in soil, which in many cases can help remove undesirable salts. - Return to top ______________________________________________________ How It Is Applied AXIS is easy to use - It can be tilled into the soil, injected into existing turf areas using a DryJect aeration system, or it can be worked into existing plantings and pots by hand. - Return to top ______________________________________________________ Handy AXIS Usage Calculator - Click here  - Return to top ______________________________________________________ Application Rates Turf Area: Apply one pound per square foot and incorporate into the soil 4” to 5” deep to equal 10% by volume. For lawn remodels we recommend removing the sod, spreading the AXIS, and rototilling thoroughly. Turf Aeration: Aerating with 5/8” tines on a 3” x 4” pattern will require 150 to 200 lbs. of AXIS per 1,000 square feet. We recommend harvesting the cores, and then applying the AXIS with a broadcast or drop spreader. Using a rake or blower will help get the AXIS into the holes. Hanging Baskets & Rooftop Gardens: For these applications we recommend 20% by volume. Offsite Blending: To create a mix with 10% by volume, incorporate 70 lbs. per cubic yard. For help to determine specific volumes of AXIS, unique installations, or for further assistance, please give us call: EnviroTech Soil Solutions, Inc. Toll free: 866-546-3722 - Return to top ______________________________________________________ AXIS Specifications - Click here  - Return to top ______________________________________________________ Characteristics of AXIS ABSORBENT: The aggregate particles wet rapidly and will absorb greater than 100% of their own weight in water, which they freely release to the surrounding soil and plant roots. The cycle of absorption and release is repeated indefinitely, facilitating gas exchange in the soil. AXIS thus provides a water reservoir for the plant, especially important in hot periods, and improves the critical water and air exchange process. NON-COMPACTABLE: The kiln fired porous aggregates are non- compactable, and impart this characteristic to soils into which they are applied. Non-compacting soil mixes take water and oxygen more rapidly, give off plant gases more normally, and present a more porous medium through which roots can spread and develop. STABLE: The aggregates are indefinitely stable in the soil. They do not tend to decompose nor to break down. They remain stable in the presence of water, fertilizers, temperature changes, and other physical changes in the soil. The stable aggregates insure both drainage and water retention over time. INERT: AXIS is chemically inert with a neutral pH of 7. It does not tend to react with other materials, which makes it compatible for turf and horticultural applications. AXIS will not burn plants or plant roots. EASE OF HANDLING: The lightweight, loose granules present an easy flowing, regular-size product to handle, requiring a minimum of special handling. AXIS is non-toxic and non-caustic. UNIFORMITY: Both chemically and physically, AXIS soil conditioner is very consistent. It’s chemical composition, low density, hardness, absorption rate, and granular size do not vary by more than 2% from shipment to shipment. LOW DENSITY: AXIS has a favorable density of 25 lbs. per cubic foot or 2 cubic feet per 50 lb. bag. For a given volume of soil mix, fewer pounds of AXIS are therefore required. - Return to top ____________________________________________________________________ CSI Formats Provided in two file formats for your convenience. Select your preference. CSI Format, in PDF CSI Format, in MS Word  - Return to top ____________________________________________________________________ Greenbook Formats Provided in two file formats for your convenience. Select your preference. 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