4x More Available Water than Compost - UC Davis

AxisDE is ideal for rooftop applications because it's extremely porous and light weight – even when saturated. It ensures permeability and long-term planter performance without decomposing. Plants establish quickly and are always healthier due to more uniform soil moisture. Extra water holding capacity buffers soil temperatures and reduces the heat island effect where rooftops get more intense, direct heat. AxisDE is uniquely effective at conserving water and provides 4 times more Plant Available Water (PAW) than compost. AxisDE is the only porous amendment where air and water can traverse the entire granule. Some amendments trap air within mineral bodies, but all AxisDE pores exchange air and water with the soil and are 100% active to help plants thrive. AxisDE circulates more air and water throughout the soil on a continuous basis, reduces irrigation, and produces prolific rootmass; resulting in durable installations and healthy rooftop garden spaces.

Application Rates

Rooftop Rates - 10% by Volume
Offsite Blending - Apply 67 lbs. / c.y.