5x More Volumetric Water - Auburn University

AxisDE improves water holding and infiltration and at the same time to reduce runoff. AxisDE prolongs bioswale effectiveness with increased porosity to resist surface clogging from fine particle accumulation.

It mixes well in high sand content soils and provides 5 times more volumetric water holding than sand alone, and does not break down. As fresh water plankton, water flowed easily through the pores now hardened into AxisDE. It's no coincidence these pores are perfect for water absorption and release. Designed by nature, the porous honeycomb structure acts as a screen for filtering contaminants and reduces nitrogen, phosphorous, and copper leaching. More air and water increase microbial populations 10 times, aiding enzyme digestion of polutants, and improving growth of plant species selected to uptake contaminants.

Application Rates

Bioswale Rates - 10% by Volume
Offsite blending - Apply 67 lbs. / c.y.