30-40% Larger Plants - University of Florida

New plantings provide shape and color to new landscapes. AxisDE ensures transplant success with a storehouse of permanent porosity that keeps soil open for air, water and nutrients to reach the roots. AxisDE increases available water and survival rates even without irrigation. AxisDE conserves water by reducing watering times and watering days, and improves watering efficiency and plant uptake. It is very light weight for less compaction, provides better drainage, and more air space for root development.

AxisDE is a main component for success in the desert SW where large panels of grass and trees are irrigated with effluent released from two cities. If irrigation isn't needed, excess water is pumped back down to the local aquifer. This ingenious design solves a constant discharge problem and gives character to a new neighborhood with wide lawns and big tree canopies that are normally incompatible with desert SW living and resources. AxisDE is easy to use and blends nicely with all types of soils and amendments.

Application Rates

Individual Planting Rates - 10-15% by Volume*
Turf Area Rates - 10% by Volume
Offsite Blending: Apply 67 lbs. / c.y.
Incorporate 4"-6" deep: Apply 900-1,250 lbs. / 1,000 s.f.
Seed or Sprig Establishment: Topdress 150 lbs. / 1,000 s.f.

*Contact EnviroTech for specific individual planting rates.