Soil Amendments for Plants and Natural Grass

AxisCERAMIC Calcined Clay improves water holding, reduces compaction, increases rootmass and improves transfer of nutrients.  It meets USGA specifications for golf greens, and provides superior soil performance for all applications of the highest agronomic standard.

AxisDE improves soil porosity, physical function and has 4 times more available water than peat or compost, gives USGA sand 60% more pores, and has no affinity for sodium. AxisDE increases horizontal and vertical wetting and increases plant survival rates. 

Infield Conditioners and Mound Clay

PLAY BALL Infield Conditioner is the most absorbent and durable Calcined Clay Conditioner on the market. Provides superior absorption, moisture control, and the most uniform granule size.

BALLGAMECHANGER is our Premium Calcined Clay coated with a non-ionic biodegradable Surfactant. Water perks twice as fast as conditioner alone for wet or dry conditions. Reduces amount of water required to keep infields moist and lasts all season long.

PLAY BALL Drying Agent is kiln fired and precision milled to an optimum size mesh of 20-70 for the highest absorbency to improve playability fast without caking, layering or clumping.

PLAY BALL Mound Clay is 37-47% clay, 5-12% silt, and 45-55% sand in a dry, crushed, screened, uniform and pourable form.   Easy to use and blends with conditioners or infield mixes.