Sports Fields

4x More Rootmass in USGA Sand - Ohio State

AxisDE meets the demands and expectations of professional fields, and is a bargain for recreational fields. Professionals like the improved permeability, better drainage, world-class rootmass, and significantly less compaction. Increased air circulation creates vast root systems for improved wear resistance. The combination of better infiltration and thick roots helps protect fields from wet weather damage. School district and municipal fields appreciate the long term value even more. If the field is built better, then the longer it will last, and the easier it will be to maintain. Investing in the right choice of soil componentst the first time just makes sense. AxisDE is in many fields across the country and is recognized as the leading amendment for water conservation, healthy turf, and massive root systems. AxisDE blends easily offsite with sand and organics, and incorporates smoothly into existing soils for renovations. AxisDE is permanent pore space that does not compact and never stops working.

AxisDE always increases rootmass. Roots from a public project 9 years after construction where AxisDE was incorporated at 10% by volume, testify to a healthy, well draining soil with increased air circulation from a wet climate in the pacific northwest.

Application Rates

New construction or renovation - 10% by volume
Blending - Apply 67 lbs. / cy.
Incorporate 4" - 6" Deep: 900-1,250 lbs. / 1,000 sf.
Topdressing - 150-200 lbs. / 1,000 sf.